Visits and Rates

One Visit per Day

$40/day for one visit for one cat.
$51/day for one visit for 2 cats $6 for each additional cat.

Two Visits per Day

$80/day for 2 visits and up to 2 cats $6 for each additional cat.


We stay for about half an hour on each visit. Meds such as shots, pills, inhalers, pastes are free of charge and come with the service. IV fluids at $8 per visit.

Additional Light Responsibilities:

Watering plants, collecting mail, bringing in newspapers, turning on lights are negotiable.

Service Area: Up to 10 mile radius


The pet sitter will drive to your home before your reservation date and go over important instructions in person. This is a great opportunity for us to meet your kitty before the visit and go over any additional notes such as any hiding places, where the carriers are, and any watering you might like done.

Service Area: Up to 10 mile radius

Cost: $40

Key Drop Off and Pick Up

Every owner must drop off his or her key to The Cats’ Inn during our business hours. We will not accept a pet sitting key that is placed under a matt or special place. We will keep it locked here at The Cats’ Inn after you have dropped it off and will keep it here until your pet sit reservation is over and you are ready to retrieve your keys.